Flew to job directly from exam

International Hospitality Management graduate from Dania in Randers is part of organizing the 2016 edition of Red Mountain Fest in France. Michelle Salling Bang flew to Alpe d’Huez the day after she had defended her Bachelor thesis, in order to begin her new job.
Alexandra Mareci, Marketing and Communication

‘’I will work with managing some of the activities of the festival such as coordinating the arrival and accommodation of the artists who will perform at the 3 week festival. I am also in charge of writing and sending out the welcome letter to all participants as well as the service center. I am very excited to be part of this venue. I will also have a big role in the backstage area, mainly making sure that everything goes according to the plans’’, explains Michelle, International Hospitality Management graduate from Dania.

‘’Know what you want and say it out loud’’

During her internship, Michelle was offered a job as a communications responsible. ‘’While I was there, they came with the proposal of offering me a job. The main responsibilities that the job required were dealing with social media, the newsletter and the website as webmaster. However, I am a very active person and do not yet see myself doing a static job, so I refused.’’

With an interesting background, the 25 year-old student was clear about her needs. She has previously lived in France and worked as a ski guide. Now she has the opportunity to work in Alpe d’Huez, which is known for its remarkable ski slopes and Tour de France. ‘’I wanted to work in a field that would combine my energy with my knowledge. I communicated this to my superiors who had previously offered me a job and they came with the second proposal’’, explains Michelle.

For the International Hospitality Management student,being part of organizing Red Mountain Fest was therefore exactly what she was searching for. ‘’I will also be coordinating the ski guides during the 3 weeks event. I think it is just a matter of knowing what you want and not being afraid of saying it out loud’’, smiles Michelle.

The BA programme and the internship: stepping-stones to the job

During the 1 ½ years at Dania, Michelle Salling Bang has accumulated a wide variety of skills and competencies. ‘’It is because of the BA programme at Dania that I managed to get access to such a wonderful internship. Studying here has not only provided me with great knowledge, but has also given some good contacts in the real world outside of the textbooks.’’

As part of her International Hospitality Management studies, Michelle has finalized a 4-month internship at Danski in Aarhus. ‘’I had several exciting assignments, for example sending the official newsletter to more than 45,000 people twice a week,’’ finishes Michelle.