Love brought Radmila to Denmark and Dania

Although her boyfriend convinced her to move from Holland to Denmark, it did not take long until Radmila Milankovic found a place in her heart for Dania as well. She studies International Hospitality Management and is very fond of Dania’s typical closeness and informal tone of teaching.
Anne-Mette Gyldenløv, journalist

''I will have a bachelor degree in January! Time has passed so quickly.''

These are the words of 22-year-old Radmila Milankovic, who three and a half years ago moved from her family in Holland to come to Randers. She started studying communication at the university in Netherlands, but after meeting her boyfriend during a vacation and finding out about the possibility of studying at Dania she took a leap of faith and moved.

''It was a big step to move to Denmark, but I have been so happy about it. My mother-in-law heard some international students talking in the bus and they seemed happy. So I Googled Dania and when I first read about the two-year Marketing Management study programme, I was convinced,'' smiles Radmila Milankovic, who after finishing the Marketing Management programme chose to further study a top-up bachelor in International Hospitality Management.

Not just a number

At Dania classes are small, typically with 30 people, which is significantly less than at the university.

''The fact that the teaching takes place in such small classes was appealing to me. It is nice to know that you can approach the teachers after class if you have questions. This would be impossible at a university. There is a nice closeness and I love that there is an informal relationship between the teachers and the students, which is quite different from Holland where, for instance, we would use surnames,'' says Radmila Milankovic.

''In Holland it is common to encounter several changes among the people you study with, but at Dania we all know each other. In addition, teachers know you. You are not just a number,'' she explains.

A dynamic internship

Radmila is doing her second internship at Mita-Teknik, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of control systems for the windmills’ industry. The company has 230 employees, has the headquarters in Denmark and branches in Ukraine and China. Radmila works in the marketing department, which is in fact led by a Dania graduate.

''The work here is very dynamic and no two days are alike. I am a little bit surprised about how much I have been involved in and allowed to do. It is an international company, therefore I think I will write my bachelor thesis about cultural differences in the company,'' she says.

After finishing her bachelor degree, she would like to continue studying at Aalborg University specializing in culture, communication and globalization. Moreover, she is also a student assistant at Dania Academy of Higher Education.