Simon will innovate the party industry

Simon Kristensen is a bachelor student at the international hospitality management education at Dania in Randers. But he is also innovating the party business as an entrepreneur.

”I use the consumer insights from the mobile disco business, and together with a partner I try to establish a new business,” Simon tells his fellow students at Dania.

Network, competencies in leadership and hospitality are all subjects at the top up education in international hospitality.

“Its very important subjects and I use the knowledge already in my business,” Simon explains.

Simon finished the AP degree but felt he had a lack of knowledge, so he started in Randers with the goal to get more tools to use for his innovative idea.  Simon has been working in the event business for some years already. Network and good relations to suppliers mean a lot in succeeding, he says.

 “I want to grow my company bigger, and I use the theory already.”

Once he worked as a consultant developing better communication for employees and the owner of a place. 

“I said what I meant and I got respect from the owner. The result was better communication and usable ideas from the workers.”

Ba simon has a gameplan

With my new partner I have made a gameplan for the future. I start here, but deliver around in Jutland. If you have a good brand in one town, it will spread,“ is Simons experience.

The business deliver mobile bars and waiters /cocktail shakers and most of the order is to find on a website. “We deliver to private parties and can fit up to 150 guests.”

Simons exit to the students was: “I like the feeling and passion of creating  and being innovative. We have a strategy for where we want to go and what we want to be.”

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