Studying at Dania is a game-changer

International Hospitality Management graduate Patrick owns a take-away restaurant in Denmark and successfully manages a team of nine employees. Although he had an innovative concept, Patrick also had several unpleasant encounters. Taking further higher education at Dania in Randers has helped him turn around his business into a success.
Alexandra Mareci, Marketing and Communication

A rough start

Like many other businesses, Patrick’s had its ups and downs. The start, however, was rough for the 28-old entrepreneur who needed to make harsh compromises. '’The first six months were chaotic. I could not figure out what was going wrong. I saw my dreams shattered and I had to cut down from my own ideas in order to survive on the market. Luckily, I decided to continue my Marketing education with a top-up study programme in International Hospitality Management at Dania. It was a great choice. In 2015, things turned around and my business recorded top sales. It was a game-changer’’, he explains.

One and a half years of International Hospitality Management studies taught Patrick how to strategize and prioritize, and offered him a better overview of his business. ‘'The Bachelor programme here at Dania helped me understand my business better. It taught me that I must look 6 to 12 months ahead and to think pragmatically’’, explains Patrick.

Great help from the teachers and courses

A highly motivated entrepreneur with lots of energy can sometimes be too much to handle. However, Patrick’s experience at Dania was different. ‘‘The professors have been supportive from day one. After hearing my story, they have been nothing but helpful and understanding. I wanted to make a difference in the city with my business and this education taught me how to do that’’, says Patrick.

''Although I have been self-employed for the past 10 years and gained valuable knowledge and experience over the years, studying at Dania taught me several other valuable things. i learned how to prioritize and how to look beyond the basics and to think in depth in order to be able to surprise our customers. I am using knowledge from the entire study programme. In my case, the strategy, management and economics courses are primarily helping me on a daily basis’’, he says.

The recent graduate has big plans for his business. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree and a wide variety of new competencies, Patrick thinks about expansion. ‘’I plan to open two more take-away restaurants and even to make my business, Damhavens Spisehus, a franchise at some point because I proved to myself that it works. The BA in International Hospitality Management taught me how to.’’, concludes Patrick.