The quality system helps to strengthen the work Dania does to improve the high academic quality and relevance of our educational programmes.

At Dania Academy of Higher Education, we have five criteria from which we have established our quality system:

Quality Politics and Strategy
We have politics, strategies, procedures and processes that include all educational programmes, including the knowledge, academic standard, content and relevance of the educational programmes.

Quality Management and Organisation
Our quality work is closely linked to the management. We have an aparent organisation and responsibility distribution of the quality work. We have a quality system based on a continuous collection of data, analysis and use of relevant information concerning, for instance, employment. We have a well-functioning information management and quality culture. 

Educational Knowledge
We make sure our educational programmes and lectures constantly reflect relevant knowledge, with matching standards of the specific educational programmes, giving them a solid foundation for achieving the educational goals.

The Standard and Content of the Educational Programmes
By using our practise, we make sure the educational programmes have the correct academic standards and pedagogical qualities, supporting the education and achievements of the students.

The Educational Relevance
By using our practise, we ensure that the educational programmes, both new and old, reflect the needs of society and are continuously adapted to the societal development and the changing needs of the Danish job market.