AP Degree in Marketing Management

With a degree in Marketing Management you gain solid skills in the core subjects Marketing and Sales, Finance, Communication, Organisation and Business Law.

Through this two year-programme you will learn how to work systematically within the marketing field, specializing in a self-selected area of interest, for instance Business Management, Development and Promotion.

The programme is closely related to practice and throughout your education you will be solving problems and creating projects for real life businesses.  Our International Innovation Day is a good example of this.

As a graduated Marketing Management student, you have many job opportunities in and outside Denmark. Jobs such as marketing coordinator, sales representative, purchaser or communication employee could be your end goal. The programme can also prepare you for life as an entrepreneur or if you prefer, you can pursue further education with a BA- or Master Degree.

This program is offered in both Danish and English. Read about the Danish equivalent of Marketing Management by clicking "Markedsføringsøkonom".

By scrolling further down you will be able to read more about the content of the programme as well as your options for further education and future job opportunities. 


What it is all about...

The programme's primary area of ​​expertise is International Marketing and Sales which is supported by the following subjects: Organisation, Management, Communication, Culture, Business Law and Economics.

In the primary subject the following areas are touched upon:

  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Cultural Analysis and cultural relations
  • Communication
  • Investment and Budgeting
  • Basic Statistics
  • Organizational Structure and Management
  • Logistics
  • Innovation

What it is like to study at Dania Academy, University of Applied Sciences?

The teaching is a combination of classroom teaching, projects, case studies, guest speakers and company visits. The focus is on evidence drawn from practice.

Dania Academy, University of Applied Sciences is characterized by committed teachers that you can always get in touch with if you should need a chat, whether it is of professional or personal nature.

The first period at your new place of study things can be overwhelming and surprising because a lot of things you have been accustomed to in your home country or from your high school will be different.

There will be many things to consider, both new people and a lot of practical issues. You must learn how to structure your time and prioritize. There will be a requirement that you study full time and work commites with your field of study, this means that you must prepare yourself on your own. You will find several exams during your first year in several different subjects.


At Dania we are focused on motivating our students to independently gain knowledge from the different subjects. By using a model of study activity requirements Dania wants to emphasize that our different programs require our students to study fulltime. Studying full time means that besides taking part in group lessons our students must use the required amount of time on other school related activities.

The model of study activity requirements is a visualization of the work required to attend further education studies. One semester at Dania consists of 825 hours which is the equivalent of 30 ECTS (1 ECTS = 27,5 hours*). Group lessons are part of the 825 hours but other activities such as lectures, excursions, preparing for class at home or studying with your study group are an equally important part of being a student at Dania.

*Common european standards

 The four categories  
Category 1 lessons:
Participation from the teacher and the students. 
Initiated by the teacher.
- Face to face lessons
- Instruction
- Exams

Category 2 lessons: 
Participation from the students. 
Initiated by the teacher. 
- Working in study groups
- Preparing presentations or home assignments

Category 3 lessons: 
Participation from the students. 
Timeline is initiated by the students. 
- Independent preparation for the class lessons
- Independent activity
- Independent group work
Category 4 lessons: 
Participation from the teacher and the students.
Initiated by the students.
- Debates
- Independent follow up on group work
- Instruction

Distribution of Study Activity on the education in Viborg

1st semester distribution of lessons

1 Semester MINT

  2nd and 3rd semester distribution of lessons

2Plus3 Semester MINT

 4th semester distribution of lessons

4 Semester MINT




The really fun parts...

Friday or Thursday Bar is by the students and for the students.

DSR - The Student Council hosts parties, lectures and affect student life in a positive way. The Council consists entirely of students and represent the students' voice.

Parties are usually placed around Christmas and before the summer exams/holiday. When the academic year comes to an end and we can relax with a well-deserved celebration. Moreover we hold events such as a fresher trip when the first semester kicks off .

What needs to be done...


The exam during the first year takes place at the end of the 2 semester, however, we prepare the students by using test exams, so they know what they are getting into when the real exam comes. There are also examinations in the 2nd and 4th Semester. Read more in the curriculum in the tab "material download".


During your education you are to write four large projects. On the 1 Semester you write Project 1/A, where you learn how to write projects in collaboration with other students. Here, the project is to apply the theories you have become acquainted with during the first semester. In some cases, the subject will be up to you within a given or optional case.

Project 2/B deals with market analysis. Here you and your fellow students do marketing research based on a real problem for a selected company.

In project 3/C, you will learn to create a marketing plan for at specific company. Here you apply all the theory you have become acquainted with through your three previous semesters.

At the end of your studies you, often on the basis of a subject from your internship company, write your final exam project and defend it at an oral examination.

Mandatory assignments means that there are some activities, students must attend during your study period.

What also is to be experienced...

During your studies you will experience to get on-site visits at local businesses. You will also through out your study experience visits from guest lecturers who come from industry or from other higher education eg. Aarhus or Aalborg University.

The programme usually holds a study trip abroad, which is planned together with the students.

Dania holds several Career Days, where you get to hear about opportunities for further education and get input to get a good job after finishing your studies.

At least once a year, you will find that the usual schedule is converted into special Innovation Days. Here you will learn to apply creative techniques and you will be able to develop one or more companies' products and/or processes in collaboration with your fellow students.


Books for your study programme

At the beginning of the programme you will be given a book list. When you buy your books, we generally recommend that you buy the latest versions, unless your teacher/the book list advises you otherwise.

You should expect to spend a certain amount of money on literature for your study.

It is prerequisite for your study at Dania, that you have the books in hard copy or as e-books.

Examples of book lists for 2013:

Book List 1 semester 2013 Viborg

Book List 1 semester 2013 Randers


Do you need more information about the programme?

All programs have a curriculum, a detailed review over courses and exams, if you want to read more about the programme for Marketing Management, please click here!

If you want a sneek peek into the Viborg Department's Student Handbook, please click here or maybe you are curious of how a first semester runs? Click here to see the activity calendar from Viborg.


Professional challenges...

The Marketing Management Programme is a two year AP Degree, which consists of a number of general subjects. In addition comes the electives, the internship and the final exam.

After graduation, you are entitled to use the title AP Graduate in Marketing Management.

1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester 

Theme 1

Understanding of business

Theme 4

Tactical operational marketing - B2C

Theme 6




Theme 2


Theme 5

Tactical operational marketing - B2B

Specialisation in Viborg




Final exam project


Theme 3

Market understanding


  Specialisation in Randers

1. Business Management

2. Advertising & Online Promotion


 Til top


Business Management

With a specialisation in Business Management you will learn how an understanding of business statistics and business economics can strengthen the quality of strategic and marketing decisions, for example how an advertisement affects projected sales and how the production should be adapted to this.

See the description of the Business Management specialisation.

Advertising & Online Promotion

The right commercial, at the right time, to the right audience is crucial for the success of a company. With the specialisation “Advertising & Online Promotion” you will learn the basic tools and skills in creating the visual identity of a company as well as how to plan and execute a media campaign.

See the description of the Advertising & Online Promotion specialisation. 

Read more about studying in Randers here



With the EXECUTIVE specialisation you will study subjects such as Business Economics where you will learn how business statistics and business economics can strengthen the quality of strategic and marketing decisions. For example how an advertisement affects projected sales and how the production should be adapted to this.

This specialisation is aimed at ambitious students who see themselves as the business leaders of tomorrow and gives the merit to pursue further studies and thereby obtain a BA in Business Administration eg. at Aalborg University. 


The DEVELOPMENT specialisation is for the student who wants to do more in terms of changing the way we do thing. This line of study is for the students interested in topics like development in emerging and near markets, innovation, Supply Chain Management, business development, and business culture.


The PROMOTION specialisation is for students who would love a career within modern marketing communication. Topics are branding, social media, PR, strategic communication, sales, and journalism.

See descriptions of the specialisations in this catalogue

Read more about studying in Viborg.


Stand out from the crowd!

The education program Marketing Management consists of a compulsory part, an optional part, an internship and a final exam.

In the mandatory part, you are to follow a number of subjects and themes that provide knowledge in the core subjects. You can read more about this by cliking The Programme.

The optional part consists of a number of electives, where you can specialize in one industry or function. Both Dania's campus in Randers and the campus in Viborg provides electives in Economics and Statistics and in addition they have a number of other subjects to choose from.

Click on the specialisations in Viborg and in Randers to read more about them.


Companies in Denmark and abroad

Business Academy Dania has a strong collaboration with industry both locally and globally. This means that all our students have the opportunity to go into exciting internships in Denmark and abroad. We work to develop you as a student, so that you are ready to actively contribute to a company's operations in a wide variety of areas depending on what you are passionate about.

We encourage all students to find their own place of internship, however, we help and support all the way both before, during and after placement.

Read more about students in their internships here


Internships and studying abroad

Dania offers you some great opportunities to get out into the world while studying in Denmark.

We offer studying abroad during the 2nd and 3rd Semester in which you can get on the exchange of our Erasmus Partners (international partners) with funding from the EU's Erasmus agents.

Example, we can offer a stay at Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire and New College, Durham in England, and we can get agreements with numerous universities and colleges in other European countries.

You can also go abroad for your internship. Here our two English partners offer to find internship for you, just like you during the internship can follow the teaching at a BA level in self-selected subjects.

If you wish to know more about the opportunity to go abroad please click here!

Read more from students in their internships on the Internship Blog


Internship - theory tested in practice

The Marketing Management at Dania is closely related to practice. The three month internship and the final exam is placed on the programmes's fourth and final semester. Through the internship and the final exam, you immerse yourself in the core areas or in your chosen elective so you gain experience of theory in practice.

The internship binds your teaching on the first three semesters with the final exam and is therefore characterized by individual choices and independent study activities.

The internship takes place from mid-January to mid-March, and has a duration of minimum three months.

You can choose an internship in Denmark or abroad. It is also possible to take a semester of studying abroad. See the tab "internship abroad" for more information.

If you wish to know more about the opportunity to go abroad please click here!

You can read more about where students are doing their internships here!


How to apply

Application FAQ


Deadlines The deadline for application is 1 June for students from the EU/EEA countries and 1 May for all other students.
Application form
To apply for any of our programmes, download the application form - Randers (pdf) or application form - Viborg (pdf) depending on your choice of programme. Please note that the application form can be filled in online but must be printed out and signed before being submitted.

You can send the filled-in application form and relevant documentation by surface mail to Dania - Danish Academy of Business and Technology - Minervavej 63, DK 8960 Randers SØ, Denmark, e-mail: eadania@eadania.dk.

You must always bring the original school-leaving certificates and other documentation submitted with the application with you to Denmark and show them on request upon arrival at Dania. 
Certificate requirements EU/EEA students: All copies of school-leaving certificates and grade transcripts must be certified by the school of origin. If we find it necessary, we can require that you get the certificates translated into English by an authorized translator or issued by the school of origin in English.

Non-EU/EEA students: School-leaving certificates submitted with the application must be translated into English by an authorized translator or issued by the school of origin in English. All translations must be accompanied by a copy of the original document, certified by the school of origin. 

Enrollment process Students seeking admission to Dania must demonstrate their academic skills during an enrollment process.

As part of this process, students applying to the Academy may be requested to take certain tests, and they will all be interviewed over the telephone or in person. Since the enrollment process is highly individual, some students are accepted solely on the basis of documents and interview, while others may be asked to sit for an English proficiency test, send references from former teachers and employers, or do all of the above.

These measures are intended to ensure that all applicants are given an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. Students who, after beginning their studies at the Academy in Randers, prove unable to keep up with lectures and course work will be requested, and expected, to take the appropriate remedial steps (including extra lessons) at their own expense.

For more details about International Admittence please click here.


Admission to the AP Degree Programme in Marketing Management requires relevant vocational training or upper secondary education (university entry level) including: Mathematics or Business economics at intermediate level (Danish B-level) and English at upper level comparable to English level B of a Danish upper secondary examination.

Check this link to see if you are eligible for entry into Danish higher education.

English language proficiency

International applicants must pass an internationally-approved test *. We accept these tests with the following minimum scores:

  • IELTS: 6.0
  • TOEFL Internet based: 80
  • TOEFL paper based: 550
  • Cambridge test: CAE: A, B or C grade
  • Oxford Placement test: 140 (min. 70 in each part)
  • Oxford Online Placement test: B2 (min. 70 in each part)
  • TOEIC: 700
  • PTE: min. 50

Applicants holding Nordic entrance exams, an International baccalaureate exam or applicants who have English as their native language are exempt from this requirement.

*(the test is taken in the applicant’s country of origin or residence – not at Dania).


SKYPE Interview

When you have successfully applied for the international AP degree programme,  you will receive an invitation for a Skype interview with one of our staff members. It will be an informal meeting where our main goal is to test your English skills as well as your motivation for applying to the programme. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the programme and studying in Denmark . The interview is mandatory for all students who apply for the international AP degree programmes


Important Information  
Name of institution                Dania Academy, University of Applied Sciences
Name of programme Marketing Management
Admission area no. 79565 (Randers) or 79512 (Viborg)
Application deadline 15 March 12:00 at noon
Final letter of admission July
Semester start mid to late August


Foreign qualifications for entry to higher education 

Find more info about fees here
For more details about International Progammes please click here.

Which fields can I work within after graduation?

Most Market Management graduates begin their careers as marketing assistants or the like. But with a degree in Marketing Management your future career lies open in front of you. Corporate marketing activities are part of the company's most central strategic tools, and you will be centrally located in the companies with all the opportunities it may bring.

Marketing Managers typically work in international companies with positions in the following subjects:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Communication
  • Import
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Export
  • Purchasing

Typical job titles for recent graduates:

  • Marketing coordinator
  • Sales Consultent
  • Project Coordinator
  • Advdertising Consultant
  • Media Planner
  • Export Assistent
  • Purchaser
  • Communication employee

Would you like to become an entrepreneur?

You can also use the Marketing Management programme as a basis for starting your own business or as background for working with innovation and development of new products and concepts in development-oriented companies. Innovation, idea generation and entrepreneurship is a natural part of this study programme at Dania.


Professional competence and parties

Learn more about the study environment in Randers and Viborg.

Read more on the Blog


If you need any assistance, please du not hesitate to contact us!

If you need generel information on international programmes as a non-eu-student/eu-student/Erasmus-student please contact our International Office in Dania at international@eadania.dk 

If you need more specific information on how it is to live an study in Randers or Viborg, please contact the Study Secretaries Mrs. Hyldgaard or Mrs. Melsen by email or telephone, please see contact details below.

International Office in Viborg
Please contact: internationalviborg@eadania.dk

Secretary of Studies
Secretary of Studies Viborg









Dania Randers - Marketing Management

Elective in Media and Advertising and Elective in Economics

Minervavej 63 8960 Randers Tlf. 87 11 44 03

Secretary of Studies
AP Degree Marketing

State Education and Social Educational Support (For Danish og EU-citizens (special conditions))

For Danish citizens the Marketing Management progamme is eligible for SU.

When you need to apply for a grant or make changes to your SU, it MUST be done via minSU on www.su.dk For that you need a PIN code or digital signature, which you can order from your bank or su.dk. On su.dk you can also become informed about the different rules that apply to your SU.

Special Educational Support

It may also be that you are entitled to special educational support (SPS) during your education. Get more information about the types of support and opportunities to get SPS via www.spsu.dk or contact Tove Nielsen. You can also read more about how to apply for special educational assistance in the Education Ministry's website here.

Head Student Counsellor

Further Education in Denmark

You can obtain further education by pursuing a top-up BA-degree in International Hospitality Management in Dania or another International BA-degree such as International Trade and Marketing. Contact a Study Secretary or the International Office by email at international@eadania.dk

Dania cooperates with several Danish Universities in offering you a top-up degree if you as a student have chosen and passed the economic electives. Please click the links below for more information.

Aarhus University offers a top-up BA degree in Business Administration

Aalborg University also offers credits to for a BA in Business Administration.

University of Southern Denmark offers a degree in Business Administration

Be aware that you besides your AP Degree also must meet the admission requirements for the training you are looking into . It will usually say a high school education and the specific admission requirements for the program.

Moreover, after finishing an Ap Degree in Marketing at Dania, you have the possibility to continue with 1 year and a half a top-up degree at VIA Univerity college in one of the fields below:

Branding and Marketing Management - see brochure HERE.

Entrepreneurship - see brochure HERE.

Retail Management - see brochure HERE.


Further Education Abroad

Dania has for many years had successful agreements with three universities in the UK, Manchester Metropolitan University Cheshire, Durham University and Napier University Edinburgh. Several students have during the years obtained BA-degrees (top up) and Master Studies here.

In addition to agreements with UK universities, we also offer studies in Norway at Harstad University College.

Further agreements can for sure be made. Book a meeting when in Denmark and we will help you out!


This education is located in RandersViborg and International Programmes 

"Taking my education at Dania is one of the best choices I´ve made. I received great preparation for my future professional activity. Everything is interconnected! It's great!"

Iuliana Radu