Admission requirements

The following requirements generally apply for all international study programmes. Specific requirements for each English-taught study programme can be found under each study programme.


   - Marketing Management

   - Hospitality and Tourism Management

   - IT Technology

   - Automotive Management

   - International Hospitality Management (top-up programme)


Applications are evaluated individually. Good examination results from a previous education accompanied by other qualifications such as work experience in a relevant field, study stays abroad and general motivation can contribute to a successful admission.

Danish applicants

Danish applicants must have at least English B or equivalent. Other requirements are the same as for the Danish programmes.

International applicants

Non-Danish students must apply for admission under the same conditions as Danish students with at least English B level or equivalent. They are eligible for admission if they have a Danish qualifying examination or qualifications comparable to the Danish entrance qualifications.

Examples include:

  • Upper secondary certificates and diplomas from the Nordic countries, European countries (Baccalaureate diploma) and other countries that have signed the European Convention on the Equivalence of Diplomas, Leading to Admission to Universities
  • High school diplomas from the United States followed by either two years of university or college studies in relevant subjects. This also applies to applicants with a high school diploma from countries with a similar educational system
  • Bachelor's degrees in relevant subjects from universities in African countries, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China and the Philippines.

Check this link to see if you are eligible for entry into Danish higher education.


International applicants must pass an internationally-approved test*. We accept these tests with the following minimum scores:

Applicants holding Nordic entrance exams, an International baccalaureate exam or applicants who have English as their native language are exempt from this requirement.

*(the test is taken in the applicant’s country of origin or residence – not at Dania).

SKYPE Interview

When you have successfully applied for the international AP degree programme,  you will receive an invitation for a Skype interview with one of our staff members. It will be an informal meeting where our main goal is to test your English skills as well as your motivation for applying to the programme. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the programme and studying in Denmark . The interview is mandatory for all students who apply for the international AP degree programmes

Verification Form

Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education

See which specific requirements you need to fulfil as a non-EU applicant here.