When you have applied

Your application will initially be screened, and Dania expects the following timetable for our admission process;

 1 February – 15 March at 12 noon Danish time (Central European Time)              
Applications are received



1 February – 15 April

Applications are screened

- If you are screened and found not qualified for admission, you will receive an e-mail answer before 15 April.






15 March – 1 May

Assessment and Skype interview process

- If you are screened and found qualified for admission and you have Dania as your 1st. priority, you will be contacted by e-mail directly by the admissions officer, in order to set up a time for a Skype interview.







If you are not contacted before 20 April – please send an e-mail to international@eadania.dk .

  • If you have Dania as a lower priority than 1st. Dania will not initially contact you for an interview.
  • If you during the application process wish to change your priority FROM a lower priority TO Dania as a 1st. priority, you MUST do so online through www.optagelse.dk, AND be sure to send a mail directly to international@eadania.dk to confirm this decision.
  • After you are contacted for SKYPE interview, ALL contact from then and onwards is done with the specific Dania-programme you have applied for.
1 April – 15 May

- In case of a positive result of your SKYPE interview you will receive an admission letter directly from the Dania-programme you have applied for, together with other information.

- If you are not found qualified, you will receive an e-mail from Dania stating this.






Please note that a SKYPE interview is mandatory prior to the final admission.

If you during this process need to contact us, please feel free to send an e-mail as specified above.

If you have applied through a local representative or agent in your country, please make the contact through this representative – and not directly to us. Please do NOT contact us by phone.


Please also observe that we can be very busy during the assessment and processing period – and it therefore can take some time before we are able to respond to your e-mail – but do rest assured that we will indeed get back to you in due course.