The municipality of Viborg guarantees all new students a place to live.

As a new incoming student to the municipality of Viborg there are several options regarding accommodation. New dormitories are situated just across the street from Campus and offer a variety of more than 11 different types of rooms, both single and double rooms. All rooms are furnished and some with own bath and kitchen. As an example a single room 32m2 with own bath and mini kitchen costs DKK 2720,00 per month. The price incl. rent, cold water, heating, internet and cable TV. Excl. electricity (price 2013). The student must bring own bed sheets, towels, cutlery, pots and pans, TV, radio etc.

We can also provide a bedroom in a 3-persons flat approximately 3,5 km. from Campus, where the residents share kitchen, bathroom and living room. Monthly rent incl. heating, water and cable TV is DKK 1750,00. Excl. electricity (price 2013). The flats are furnished with beds, table and chairs and the kitchens are fully equipped with fridge, freezer, oven, stove and kettle. The student must bring own bed sheets, towels, cutlery, pots and pans, TV, radio etc.

All of the above types of accommodation are administrated via a local Housing company (the Tenant) and all renting contracts and payments are made directly between the student and the tenant.


Please note: When you have found a place to live in Randers, please inform International Liaison Officer Nikolaj Zethner e-mail 

Most of our international students choose to live at the student dormitory Randers Kollegiegård. (URL). The dormitory is situated app. 8 km from Dania. There are several bus lines going downtown and direct bus connections to the Academy (bus line 4). If you arrive at Randers Railway Station, you can take bus line 2, 10 or 11 to Randers Central Bus Station and then change to line 6 that will take you directly to the dormitory. 
The dormitory rooms are furnished, but you must bring your own sheets, covers or a sleeping bag. Furthermore, you should bring your own cutlery and china as well as pots and pans. 
Rent costs Please visit Randers Kollegiegård website.

IMPORTANT: To get a room at the dormitory, please do the following:

  • You apply for a room by filling in the online application form at the dormitory's website Please note: It is not possible to get a room at the dormitory without prior reservation.
  • You should apply for the room as soon as possible, no matter the status of your visa application.         
  • When you get the admission letter from Dania Academy, University of Applied Sciences you must pay the administrative fee or deposit  as soon as possible and no later than two weeks after receipt of the admission letter. When you have paid the relevant fees we can confirm to the dormitory that you will be a student at the Academy. If you do not pay all relevant fees to the Academy in due time, the dormitory cannot hold the room for you.          
  • You must pay the first month's rent + 3 months' deposit to the dormitory two weeks before arrival at the latest. The final date for payment might be earlier depending on when you have applied – please contact the dormitory for further information. The payment must be made via an international bank transfer. To get the payment details, please contact the dormitory. If you do not pay the 1 month's rent + 3 months' deposit in due time your application for a room will be cancelled.
    Please note:           

·          As the dormitory Randers Kollegiegård is not owned by Dania, the Academy can not guarantee you a room – but if you follow the steps listed above, you are almost sure to get one.

·          The above-mentioned rent may change without prior notice – please contact the dormitory for further information

If you prefer to live somewhere else than the student dormitory, you can find some suggestions on how to find housing on your own below.
Please notice that if you choose to live in privately rented accommodation the rent will typically be higher than at the student dormitory. You should expect to pay at least EUR 3-400 for a 2-room apartment (excluding additional costs like electricity, water, heating, and internet) + a deposit corresponding to 3 months' rent. 
Some general advice when you are searching for an apartment:

  • React promptly on relevant housing ads and get an appointment to see the apartment as soon as possible.
  • When you rent a room or an apartment, you must according to Danish Law receive a lease contract that sets out the agreements made between you and the landlord.
  • Dania offers to go through the lease contract that you receive together with you.

How to find an apartment There are many internet directories with ads for rooms and apartments, but most of them are in Danish only. In this document (pdf) you find some useful terms that can ease your search for accommodation. For more terms, buy a Danish-English dictionary or use the online dictionaries at or is the most comprehensive directory. To get full information about the ads posted, you need to register. This costs DDK 350 for two months.
• • • • (English version available) • • (English version available)
Ads in newspapers You can also find ads for rooms and apartments in the newspapers. The Randers-based newspaper Randers Amtsavis has housing ads in the Wednesday and Saturday editions. There are also ads in local newspapers and in the newspapers you get for free around town.


If you do not find housing prior to your arrival in Randers, here are some suggestions for temporary housing possibilities:
Danhostel Randers (Hostel located just 10-minutes walk from Randers town centre) Gethersvej 1 DK-8900 Randers.
Fladbro Camping (Campsite just 5 km. from the centre of Randers. Cabins on 10m2 containing 4 beds available) Hedevej 9, Fladbro DK-8900 Randers Telephone (+45) 86 42 93 61 Fax (+45) 86 42 93 61
You can get more information about hotels, camping sites, Bed & breakfast etc. at Randers Tourist Information:
Randers Turistbureau Tørvebryggen 12 8900 Randers Telephone (+45) 86 42 44 77
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