What is an AP degree

An Academy Profession (AP) Degree Programme is a type of higher education with a duration of two years that combines theoretical studies with a practice-oriented approach 

The AP Degree Programmes are offered at Academies of Professional Higher Education in Denmark. The Academies have fewer students than universities since they offer a limited number of study programmes, facilitating close contact between students and companies in the region. The AP Degree Programmes make use of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), a common European standard, where 60 Credits correspond to one year of full-time studies at higher-education level. The Marketing Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Auto-Technology & IT-Technology Programmes are two-year, full-time educations that correspond to 120 ECTS Credits.
Career Prospects The AP Degree Programmes are designed in close collaboration with representatives from relevant sectors of business and industry to ensure that the graduates get the qualifications and competencies needed by the industry. The educations include guest lecturers from private businesses, company visits and a 3 months' internship in a Danish or foreign company. The close contact with business life gives the students an excellent starting point for finding a job after graduation.
Further studies An AP Degree is comparable to the first two years of a 3-year Bachelor Degree. Because of this, AP Degree Programmes also qualify
graduates for further studies at universities or business schools in Denmark or abroad. Dania Academy of Higher Education has agreements with a number of Danish and European universities about accepting our graduates for a top-up Bachelor Degree. 
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Quality assurance The AP Degree Programmes are approved by the Danish Ministry of Education.