AP Degree Financial Management

The purpose of this educational programme is to qualify you to manage, plan, organise and realise tasks in finance, capital use, research, real estate dealing and administration.

You will be able to work both domestically and internationally in companies with financial consulting.

The Financial Management educational programme is available only in Danish in Hobro and Silkeborg.


The teaching methods in Hobro and Silkeborg are not necessarily the same. Please contact either department for more information about their teaching methods.  


Financial Management is a two-year higher educational programme, including a three-month internship. The educational programme includes compulsory, practical and optional subject areas, ending in the final exam.

Subject areas:

  • 1st semester – The Financial Sector – product and business sense
  • 2nd semester – Counselling for Private Clients
  • 3rd semester – Business Counselling and Business Development      
  • 4th semester – Internship and specialisation



Specialisations in Silkeborg

  • Financial Institutes
  • Accounting

Specialisations in Hobro

  • Real Estate Dealing
  • Financial Institutes
  • Accounting

With a special focus on:

  • Counselling and the financial retail market
  • International Financial Relations
  • Real Estate Dealing
  • Property Management
  • Financial Management of Private and Public Companies




As a key part of the educational programme, you must complete a three-month internship in Denmark or abroad.


Your application must be in our hands no later than July 5th.

You can apply at http://www.optagelse.dk/.


Start of term in Hobro: September

Start of term in Silkeborg: September and February
For more information, contact the specific department.


With a degree in Financial Management, you have ample opportunity to top-up with a BA degree at university.

For more information, please contact one of our departments.


Financial Managers are often employed in the financial sector as:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Consultant in a bank
  • Consultant in a mortgage credit institution
  • Consultant in an insurance company
  • Accounting employee



For more information about the State Education Grant, please go to www.su.dk/english




Contact Hobro
Dania Academy of Higher Education, Hobro                                 
Kirketoften 7
9500 Hobro 
Phone: 96 57 02 63


Contact Silkeborg
Dania Academy of Higher Education, Silkeborg                                     
Bredhøjvej 18
8600 Silkeborg
Phone: 87 11 44 60



Contact information

Telefonnummer +45 7229 1500
E-mail silkeborg@eadania.dk

Bredhøjvej 18
8600 Silkeborg

This education is located in Hobro and Silkeborg