AP Degree Automation Engineering

As an Automation Engineer, your primary job function will include design and implementation of automatic systems – from idea to completion and running-in of the systems. 

With a degree in Automation Engineering, you will be able to plan, design, construct and implement systems into companies. As the project manager you will make sure the task is completed correctly and it is your responsibility that the systems work perfectly and meet the requirements of quality, safety and environment.

The programme is in Danish.


Automation Engineering is a two-year higher educational programme at Dania Academy of Higher Education in Hadsten, including a three-month internship. You will find all necessary facilities for studying, lectures and leisure time available to you at our department.

The Study Programme will include the subjects listed below

Basic courses:

  • Math
  • Electronics
  • Technical documentation
  • Communication

Business courses:

  • Business economics
  • Quality control
  • HR

Technological courses:

  • Robotics
  • Controlling techniques
  • Data collection and supervision

Lastly,  during the 2nd and 3rd semesters you will chose from a variety of elective courses.   


Specialisations available:

  • Controlling and regulation
  • Construction and project management of automation processes
  • Set-up and optimisation of larger industrial construction or industrial production  
  • Production and communication of technical documentation.

As a key part of the educational programme, you will complete a three-month internship in Denmark or abroad.


Your application must be in our hands no later than July 5th.

You can apply at http://www.optagelse.dk/.


You will be able to work with:

  • Construction of machinery
  • Consulting
  • Distributors and suppliers
  • Sales
  • Self-employed

 Your typical tasks will include:

  • Produce specifications in consultation with clients and suppliers
  • Produce and communicate technical documentation
  • Responsibility and management of projects, design, optimisations and running-in of machine and processing systems
  • Responsibility economical and process management for specific projects
  • Design and development of new processing systems
  • Part of the management

State Education Grant

For more information about the State Education Grant, please visit http://www.su.dk/English/Sider/default.aspx


For more information, please contact:


This education is located in Hadsten