AP Degree Energy Technology

Energy Optimisation - the Challenge of the Future

Energy must be used in the best way possible, in order to optimise resources. With a degree in Energy Production, you will become a key player in this work. Because of your knowledge of energy optimisation in, for example, air-conditioning systems and heat plants and a perspective within the fields of plumbing, electricity and building technology, you will make a difference for the entire planet.

With a degree in Energy Technology, you will be able to work within the field of design and implementation of power plants – from idea to completion and the running-in.

The programme is in Danish.



The Energy Technology educational programme is a two-year higher educational programme, including a three-month internship.

The Study Programme will include the subjects listed below:

  • Energy Technic Documentation
  • Design and Development of Energy Systems
  • Improvement of Energy Installation and Plant
  • Project Management, Planning and Guidance



During the 2nd and 3rd semester, you will have the opportunity to choose your area of specialisation.

The four specialisations are:

  • Refrigeration Techniques and Heat Pumps
  • Controlling and Regulation
  • Alternative and New Forms of Energy
  • Project and HR-Management

As a key part of the educational programme, you must complete a three-month internship in Denmark or abroad.


Your application must be in our hands no later than July 5th.

You can apply at http://www.optagelse.dk/.


With a degree in Energy Technology, you will be able to work for/with

  • Utility companies
  • Construction work
  • Consulting
  • Sales
  • Processing plants
  • Self-employed

You will typically work with:

  • Project Management – managing energy technological projects
  • Produce and ommunicate energy technological projects
  • Consult on sustainable and CO2- neutral solutions
  • Be part of a company’s management
  • Design and develop new energy systems
  • Planning and supplies
  • Energy consultant in technical departments within a state or council

State Education Fund

For more information about the State Education Grant, please go to www.su.dk/english


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This education is located in Hadsten