AP Degree Production Technology

Dania Academy of Higher Education in Randers and Skive offer the educational programme Production Technology. In short, you will learn how to develop new products and plan and control the production and the company.
Production technologists are in high demand in the business world because of their wide spreading academic qualities, but also as innovators and problem solvers.  

The programme is in Danish.


Production Technology is a two-year higher educational programme, including a three-month internship.

The student will gain qualifications, knowledge and skills within the various subjects listed below.

1st and 2nd semester:

  • Methodology
  • Product Development
  • Construction
  • Technical Documentation
  • Material and Process Manufacturing
  • Production Technique
  • Automation 

3rd semester – specialisation

During this semester, you chose your specialisation.

4th semester – internship

During this semester, you will complete a three-month internship and your final exam.


You will choose you specialisation after the first two semesters of the programme.

During the third semester, you will chose between three areas of specialisation, providing you with specific qualifications.

The three specialisations are:

  • Industrial design and Procurement
  • Product Development
  • Production- and Process Optimisation



As a key part of the educational programme, you will complete a three-month internship in Denmark or abroad.



Your application must be in our hands no later than July 5th.

You can apply at http://www.optagelse.dk/.



With a degree in Production Technology, there are excellent opportunities for further education. Should you wish to get a degree in engineering in Denmark or internationally, the Production Technology educational programme qualifies you.

With a degree in Production Technology you have the opportunity to enrol in the following educational programmes:

  • PB in Product Development and technical integration – 1 ½-year programme
  • Engineering – Global Management and Manufacturing – 2-year programme
  • Mechanical Engineer – 1 or 1 ½ years of merit
  • Chief Engineer – up to six months of merit

Remember, you can chose to top up you degree both in Denmark and internationally


Production technologists from Dania Academy of Higher Education in Randers and Skive possess qualities which are in high demand in all types of production companies. The educational programme will give the student qualifications within the field of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural teamwork, in companies and a number of academic environments, in Denmark and abroad.

You will be able to work as a:

  • Production Technologist
  • Quality Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Product Developer
  • Self-employed
  • Mechanical Engineer



State Education Grant

For more information about the State Education Grant, please go to www.su.dk/english


For more information, please contact

Lecturer, Study Coordinator
Dania Academy of Higher Education, Skive
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7800 Skive
Lecturer and Student Counsellor
Dania Academy of Higher Education, Randers
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This education is located in Skive